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2016 Nov | Accompany

From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues Accompany In this edition we feature the testimonials and commentary of people who are walking with those whose life circumstances and choices make it difficult for them to feel that they belong in the Catholic family. Many same-sex attracted or gender questioning Catholics, for example, feel rejected by the Church
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Pre-sales available. A special limited print edition featuring Pope Francis’ exhortation on Love in the Family – Amoris Laetitia. It contains key excerpts from the document, stories from real people, and commentary.   While stocks last. For more information and to order a copy click here
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2016 May | Infertility

The Cross of Infertility and Subfertility Around one in six couples of childbearing age experiences infertility or subfertility at any one time. Like any cross, sometimes this one is harder at some times than at others to bear. Mothers’ Day blessings at Mass can be particularly difficult. Or the Christmas season with its endless nativity scenes and hymns about the long-awaited birth of a
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