Mary Mackillop Quiz

Woman of Faith and Courage

With Australians preparing to celebrate the canonisation of the country’s first saint, it’s a good time to learn something of this remarkable woman.

The Mary Mac Quiz

Have a family or class room trivia match on Mary’s life.  Prizes could be the bollied sweets that Mary used to reward her students or something similar.

1.    Unscramble the word TLAEESLRV  to complete the quote:  “Remember we are but ______________ here.” (1866)

2.    Choose the correct answer to complete the quote:  “We must teach more by ___________ than by word.” (1867)

a. demand    b. example
c. courage    d. intelligence

3.    Mary MacKillop was born in which year?

a.  1810        b. 1942
c. 1860        d. 1842

4.    Mary MacKillop ‘s parents were:

a. Irish        b. English
c. Australian    d. Scottish

5.    Unscramble the words: earnestly with  Pray confidence.  and loving

6.    In 1967, Mary became the first sister of St Joseph and Mother Superior. How old was Mary?

7.    The frist school was started in a:

a. town hall    b. stable
c. church    d. farmhouse

8.     In 1909, Mary died at:

a. Sydney    b. Penola
c. New Zealnad    d. Melbourne

9.    Complete Mary’s motto for life: “Never see a need without doing ________about it”

10.    Mary founded the Sisters of St Joseph with the help of:

a. Fr Tenison Woods    c. The Pope
c. Bishop Sheil        d. Fr Joseph

11.      What is the  missing word in the quote:  “God gives me _________for what is necessary”

a. love    b. help    c. food    d. strength

12. Unsramble the sentence: God’s choice. Spirit you in Let guide your

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1.  travellers 2. example 3. 1942 4. Scottish 5. Pray earnestly and with loving confidence (1873) 6. 24 years old 7.stable 8. Sydney 9. something 10. a. Fr Tenison Woods 11. strength 12.  “Let God’s Spirit guide you in your choice.” (1898)

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