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Christ the King Plaque

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A fun craft activity for children and adults alike! Hot glue gun involved so younger ones will require some assistance. Materials Thick board/cardboard Pencil Hot glue gun PVA glue and paint brush Aluminium foil Permanent markers in various colours Printout of CathFamily Christ the King design template (optional) Approximate Time 30 minutes, depending on complexity

2016 March | Simplify

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Lent is the perfect time to prune whatever distracts us from the enjoyment of God’s presence and peace. Many self-help experts preach decluttering and simplifying in order to create a calmer and more focused mind. For Catholics, neat cupboards alone won’t really cut it in the spiritual life, but Jesus did ask us to live

Take back your Family in Three Steps

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When I suggest to parents that they need to carve out regular time each day as a family to work together, play together, talk with each other and pray together, it is met with an almost existential level of angst.  “How are we supposed to find time to do all that!?” Catholic families have swallowed

What to Keep Checklist

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When deciding what stays and what goes you might want to consider the following: Prayer and reflection. Does your family have a place for quiet, spiritually nourishing reading, watching or listening, or prayer? A comfortable chair or beanbag with a nice outlook near a prayer space, family altar or in a quiet corner is ideal.

My Spiritual Work of Letting Go

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I love my Christmas dinnerware! For 20 years I’ve served many wonderful feasts on it. Family and friends have gathered around my festive table year after year to pray, eat, celebrate, and share stories. Our sons have grown up with my Christmas dishes, and now my granddaughter looks for them. As I was putting my