Our daily Bread

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How sharing dinner is a ritual at the heart of a family’s life. Many of our fondest memories from childhood relate to meals we have enjoyed with our family, such as long Christmas lunches, the weekly roast, or fish and chips on a Friday night. The humble family meal is a powerful daily ritual

2016 Oct | Embrace

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From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues Marriages are central to the life of the Church, our culture and society. They are vital to our future. St Pope John Paul II said, “Humanity passes by way of the family” and as we know, marriage is the basis of family. The Church is deeply invested in the marriages

FRANKLY: a game-changer in Catholic parish life

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Bursting onto the Catholic scene in parishes this Christmas, FRANKLY is a fresh new publication that will be a power house in evangelisation and a counter-balance to secular negativity about the Church. Visually rich in photography and design, and modelled on the warm and conversational style of Pope Francis, FRANKLY is designed to be given