The Advent Wreath is rich in symbolism:

  • The circular shape, with no beginning or end symbolises the eternity of God.
  • Purple candles symbolize penance.
  • The Rose candle, lit on the third Sunday stands for joy.
  • The use of greenery, usually evergreens, signifies continuous life.

This Advent Wreath is an innovative adaptation of an old tradition.


  • Large, clear glass bowl
  • White floating candles (10)
  • Food colouring (purple, pink)
  • 4 Paper circles (the size of the base of your bowl) with the words: Love, Peace, Joy, Hope


  1. Colour the circle with the word ‘Love’ on it and place the bowl on top. Click here for the template.
  2. Fill your bowl with water and add a few drops of food colour to make a purple tint.  Add one floating candle for the first Sunday of Advent. Don’t forget that the third week of advent’s colour is rose!
  3. Say one of our Advent prayers together for that week.  Let the candle burn out and use fresh water and new candles for each week.

Download Template Here


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