Beyond Fear

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The fear of an unplanned pregnancy is one of the prevailing realities of modern coupledom. No matter how much we love babies, how much we trust in God’s providence, almost every couple will at some time have tasted the anxiety of possible pregnancy at the wrong time. For some couples, the anxiety may be

Love Language Gifts

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Developed by Gary Chapman, the Five Love Languages, is a simple framework that can teach us how to love more effectively. The theory is simple and powerful. Love is like a language. People ‘speak’ love in different ways, some through words of affirmation, others through thoughtful gifts, acts of service, quality time or touch.

The Joy Bomb

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If you could summarise Patrick in one word, it is joy. If you could bottle Patrick’s joy and sell it, we’d be multi-billionaires. You can get all these books and things on how to find happiness, but nope! All you need is a drop of Patrick! The older kids just adore him. When they come

My annulment Journey

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The journey towards the annulment of my first marriage and full reconciliation with the Church began in early 2012. However, I had been struggling with the psychological, physical and mental stresses of a failed marriage since 2007. The end of the civil proceedings in 2011 allowed me to proceed with the petition for annulment in

An important conversation

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Jesus Christ is Emmanuel, ‘God with us’. And as the body of Christ the Church also needs to remain with, embrace and guide people in the different situations and circumstances of their lives, including situations which have tended to place them on the margins of the worshipping community. And especially when their choices have complicated

Raising Money-Smart Kids

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Children can be taught to love things and use people or to love people and use things. Money is a most powerful created thing which can be used for good or ill. Parents are the number one influence on their children’s financial behaviours. It’s up to us to raise a generation of mindful consumers, investors,

Money and True Financial Freedom

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Is there a Catholic approach to money? The short answer is yes, it’s a God-given tool for us to use at the service of true human freedom and friendship. Fr Tony Percy and Cathy Harris, take us through it from their different perspectives. Fr Tony is a priest of the Canberra-Goulburn archdiocese and author of

Resolve Your Married Money Woes

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Surveys consistently show that having different approaches to the gaining and use of money is one of the top three challenging issues for couples. Why do so many couples find their money issues hard to resolve when budgeting is a simple skill that can be picked up by anyone? The answer is that our attitude