2014 November

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From the Editor Hello Dear Readers! This month we are taking on the painful subject of grief and loss. Our Christian Faith is a source of enormous hope and healing in the face of death. Death, paradoxically, is both an evil and yet it is only by dying that we are born into the eternal

Reclaiming Halloween

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Like it or loath it, there’s no escaping the marketing presence of Halloween.  Parents are wise to approach this festival with caution.  The practice of trick-or-treating can lead children into a mind-set of greed and an expectation of free handouts. Further, the association of Halloween with pagan ritual can feed an unhealthy fascination with the

The Mini Litany of Saints

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The Litany of Saints is an ancient and complex prayer. It has a beautiful rhythm swinging gracefully between the leader and respondents (bold text). It can prayed at any time of the year, but is especially relevant on All Saints Day. The full version is quite lengthy and used old English in parts. This adaptation

Saintly Trifecta

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At the end of October begins three days of saintly celebrations. Here are some tips to make the most of them. Oct 31: Halloween ‚Äď Night of Light Halloween has become increasingly popular outside its traditional American home, including here in Australia. Unfortunately, it‚Äôs largely a movement of the consumer markets to sell grotesque costumes,

Heavenly Connections – All Saints Day

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One of the most beautiful traditions of the Catholic Faith is the celebration of the lives of the Saints. Not only do these men, women and children give us inspiration by the way they lived their faith, and often died for it, they also continue to offer us help in our daily lives. Though it is common