Teaching Children To Love What is True Value

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A home is a school of love, where your children learn to put others, and ultimately God, first in their lives. What motivates you as a parent should motivate your children; children love what we love. But often our example and emotional example can undermine our best intentions. We fail to communicate the importance


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Isnā€™t it funny the way children have the uncanny ability to ask those awkward questions at the most inconvenient times? More than just Biology A sound formation in sexuality is a critical aspect of raising our children to adulthood and setting them up for success in their own relationships. Yet for many of us, the

Smart Learning

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A major part of successful learning at school and beyond can be attributedĀ to simple organisation. Having intelligence and academic skill is importantĀ too, but these gifts will not deliver success unless the student learns toĀ manage and develop them through consistent organisation and timeĀ management. The costs of disorganisation are high; too many students fail to reach their