Discipline with Love

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When parents think of ‘discipline’ they are usually thinking in terms of ‘punishment’. But another definition is ‘instruction’. Dr Justin Coulson points out that the meaning of discipline has shifted over time. It comes from the Latin ‘disciplina’ meaning ‘teaching’, and ‘discipulus’ meaning ‘pupil.’ “When we ‘discipline’ our children, we guide, teach and instruct them

The Joy Bomb

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If you could summarise Patrick in one word, it is joy. If you could bottle Patrick’s joy and sell it, we’d be multi-billionaires. You can get all these books and things on how to find happiness, but nope! All you need is a drop of Patrick! The older kids just adore him. When they come

How my children teach me about God

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At the breakfast table last week our four-year-old says to me, “Mum, I had a dream last night, that Jesus smashed into the earth and it shook and wobbled”. “Oh, that’s interesting,” I responded. Then I asked her, “So what happened to our house, darling?” “Our house was fine Mum, because Jesus can come in

Parents: ‘first heralds’ of the faith

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When we think of education, we usually associate it with paid educators teaching from textbooks. Religious education, too, takes place at school or in catechism sessions at our local parish. In other words, we believe education is what someone else does for our children. But Scripture makes it clear that religious education is to take

A life of Service: St Mary Mack for kids

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When Alexander and Flora MacKillop welcomed their first baby, Mary Helen, into the world in the bedroom of their little house in Melbourne they must have thought she was very special.They could not have guessed in a million years how many people would agree – all over the country and around the whole world! We

Healing our Children’s Nature Deficit

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The shift in our relationship to the natural world is startling, even in settings that one would assume are devoted to nature. Not that long ago, summer camp was a place where you camped, hiked in the woods, learned about plants and animals, or told firelight stories about ghosts or mountain lions. As likely as

Top 10 takeaways from Laudato Si

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Reframing The Debate The greatest contribution of Laudato Si, to my mind, is an overview of the environmental crisis from a religious point of view. Until now, the dialogue about the environment has been framed mainly using political, scientific and economic language. Now the language of faith enters the discussion — clearly, decisively and systematically.

Raising Money-Smart Kids

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Children can be taught to love things and use people or to love people and use things. Money is a most powerful created thing which can be used for good or ill. Parents are the number one influence on their children’s financial behaviours. It’s up to us to raise a generation of mindful consumers, investors,