Couple Play

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Play is not only important for children, itā€™s important for adults and for couples as well. It helps us to develop vital virtues in our relationship: curiosity, humour, tolerance and resilience. Curiosity is a vital ingredient in keeping our love fresh, vibrant and open to growth. Couples who let themselves believe that they already know

Getting Serious about Play

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What are your childhood memories? I immediately think of happy times playing in the garden, building cubbies out of cardboard boxes, climbing trees, inventing adventure games and baking cakes in the sandpit. Research shows that simply playing is key to a childā€™s cognitive, emotional and social development. According to Professor Gray, a Professor of Psychology

Table Talk

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In our culture of busyness, family meals are often a casualty.Ā And with loss of these traditions, we also lose connectionĀ and important relationship time. The benefits of family meals are not just due to the superiorĀ nutritional intake, which does tend to deteriorate in theĀ ā€˜eat on the runā€™ alternative. The social interaction thatĀ occurs around the family

Catechism Roulette

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Ever wondered why Catholics do the things we do? Get your Catechism out, dust it off and have a go at playing Catechism Roulette! How to Play Open your Catechism at random Place your finger on the page Read the paragraph it lands on. Discuss together how you could more faithfully live out that particular