This neat little activity was adapted from Women for Faith and Family


  • Large Pillar Candle, white (purity) or blue (for Mary)
  • Small image of the baby Jesus.
  • Small square of white cloth or ribbon
  • Pins
  • Knife


  1. Take the pillar candle and carve a niche into it with the knife (or any other carving tool).
  2. Cut out the image of the baby Jesus. An old Christmas card is perfect for this or print an image onto some thin cardstock.
  3. Place the baby Jesus inside the niche.
  4. Cover the niche with a small square of white ribbon or cloth and pin in place.

Light the Candle on Mary’s Feast days, like the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption and say the Rosary or the Angelus. At Christmas time, remove the curtain to reveal the baby Jesus!