The man village

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Where a child’s own father is struggling or absent through separation, extensive work commitments, prolonged illness, death or some other circumstance it’s even more important for families to have a support network which includes good father figures. And besides, even the most dedicated father can lack interest or skill in an area where his child

Dads + Kids = Kids + Church

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Kiara Pirola examines some recent statistics on the unique impact that fathers have on their children’s spiritual development and decisions about worship practice later in life. For families where religious tradition is important, interesting statistics have emerged on the different impact of fathers and mothers on the continuing faith practice of their children. In 1994,

2016 Oct | Embrace

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From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues Marriages are central to the life of the Church, our culture and society. They are vital to our future. St Pope John Paul II said, “Humanity passes by way of the family” and as we know, marriage is the basis of family. The Church is deeply invested in the marriages