Reconciliation is so much more than a merely human experience of unburdening the soul…

Any good barman, counsellor, or hairdresser can listen to a confession! Rather, it is a powerful, grace-filled encounter with the mercy of Jesus, who is present in the person of the priest. Many people are anxious and fearful about going to Reconciliation. Some have negative memories of past experiences; others have misunderstood the need for the Sacrament, believing that it is sufficient to simply be sorry in their hearts for their sins. Others resist this Sacrament, knowing that Christ’s representative, the priest, is himself a human being in need of God’s mercy. Others believe that their sins are just too terrible to be forgiven. Yet Jesus tells us that none of these need to keep us from his mercy.

Watch this short video where Fr Mike Schmitz talks about how confession is one of the most joyful, humbling and inspiring places for both a priest and confessor.


Mercy booklet

Mercy magazine-style booklet is ideal for parents of children preparing for the sacrament of Reconciliation providing a step by step refresher & courageous stories of reconciliation experiences that will help them reconnect with God’s deep Mercy.

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