Give the classic gingerbread house a Christian twist and make it a gingerbread nativity scene, complete with a Star of David and babe in a manger. Superstar mum Katarina Doyle shows you how:

Fun with fondant

Make your own gingerbread nativity

You’ll need:

  • 1 x large chopping board or cake board
  • 2 x quantities of gingerbread dough according to a recipe
  • 1 x quantity of royal icing (eg. Mix four egg whites with 880gms icing sugar)
  • Lollies for decorating
  • Nativity figures or fondant for making your own.


  • Roll and cut gingerbread on a floured surface to around 4mm thick
  • Cut the pieces for barn walls and roof using a template.
  • Make two of each piece in case of breakage when assembling the nativity. Roll the gingerbread for the roof to be slightly thinner than the walls.
  • Katarina’s made trees from spearmint leaves and stuck together with icing. The straw is shredded coconut with a drop or two of yellow food colouring folded through it.
  • Be very liberal with the icing on the gingerbread and make sure it’s set hard before decorating.
  • Get your holy family and extras. You might want to pinch the figures from a nativity or toy set or make them yourself using fondant. Katarina was inspired by modelling clay nativity figures she spotted at ‘Then she made…’ on Pinterest.