St Therese of Lisieux: Living Faith Beads


St Therese of Lisieux, also called The Little Flower, was known for her simple yet profound faith. She reportedly carried a string of ten beads in her pocket as a means of counting the good deeds that she would perform as a daily devotion to God. St Therese’s devotions and spirituality became so popular, she was canonised in less than thirty years after her death.

For more about her life, Check out these sites:

  • Society of the Little Flower– a fantastic site with some history about St Therese and  the mission of the Carmelites. It has daily reflections and prayers as well.
  • Catholic Online– Saints and Angels- a comprehensive site about the life of St Therese and every other saint ever canonised.

These ‘Living Faith’ beads remind us to challenge ourselves to grow in faith by perfoming acts of love each day. For each good deed performed, slide one bead from its starting position (at the flower) toward the cross. Here’s some ideas for some good deeds:

  • compliment a friend
  • pray for someone sick
  • give in secret to someone in need
  • serve a family member a snack
  • help mum or dad with a chore
  • pray  for your parish priest
  • help a brother with homework
  • loan your sister a favorite dress
  • do your jobs without being asked
  • write a ‘thank you’ to your teacher
  • share your toys with a friend
  • say ‘sorry’  to someone you hurt
  • pray for someone who has died
  • thank God for his gifts in your life
  • talk to someone without friends
  • say ‘God bless’ to someone
  • give someone a flower
  • say ‘I love you’ to each family member
  • set the table (and clear it)


  • 100cm (1 yard) cord,  (brickies twine is a good option)
  • 10 beads (wooden, plastic or glass)
  • 1 flower bead (or miraculous medal)
  • 1 small cross


  1. Insert the string through the cross and positioning it in the centre of the string, tie a knot to hold it in place.
  2. Separate the string and pass one end through the first good deed bead. Pass the other string through the bead in the opposite direction as shown.

    Repeat for the other nine good deed beads. Leave 2cm (1”) of string from the tenth bead and tie a knot.
  3. Insert both strings through the flower bead and make another knot. Trim the ends leaving at lest 2cm (1”) of string

To use your Living Faith Beads…

Begin the day with all 10 beads pushed up near the  flower.  Say a prayer asking St Therese, the Little Flower, to guide you in growing in faith. Do a good deed and slide the first bead down to the cross – your first good deed for the day! For every good deed you do, slide another bead towards the cross. Aim to perform ten good deeds every day, and you’ll grow closer to Jesus with each one!



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Kiara Pirola

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