Days of Gratitude

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Here at CathFamily, we're a little bit into Gratitude at the moment! Consciously cultivating gratitude in your life can alter the way you see the world... for the better. Seeing the goodness in everything and everyone and making an effort to acknowledge it dramatically shifts the way we see our own life, the people in

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

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Lent is a wonderful season in the Church calendar - time set asideĀ to renew and prepare ourselves to receive the fullness of life in theĀ resurrection. Itā€™s a time for a bit of a spiritual ā€˜spring-cleanā€™. After all,Ā the word ā€˜Lentā€™ means ā€˜springtimeā€™. Just as a ā€˜spring-cleanā€™ in ourĀ homes gives us a renewed sense of order