WOJ Lent 2, Year A

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'This is my Son, the Beloved; he enjoys my favour. Listen to him' (Mat 17:5)   Feel free to share “Words of Jesus” with your networks: Tweet or post to social media Include in your organisation’s bulletin Add to your slides for reflection on the Sunday readings Print for staff inspiration Add to your email

A Vision of Mercy

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Pope Francis has invited Catholics to experience in a new and deeper way the joy of giving and receiving mercy during the Jubilee year. In this way, he believes, the Church will be more effective at witnessing to God’s mercy. It is impossible to be genuinely merciful towards others, or even be fully aware of

A Christian Family…

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A Christian family is not one which is faultless... but one which counts on God for... practical needs and for grace. - Marilyn Rodrigues More from Marilyn Rodrigues: Faithful, Faulty Families God is Here: The Eucharist Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus The Daddy Difference  

On a Mission from God

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A vocation is not 'a job'. it is a life commitment to a person (in marriage) or a people (in priesthood or religious life). It is a love relationship defining one's entire being; giving life to others. we all have 'jobs' to doing life, however, a key question we need to ask ourselves is: What