Seasons of Grace

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Among the Seasons of the Church, the great season of Lent calls us to the grace of perseverance. Modern family life is busy. The constant stream of events and activities shuttling kids around, work, parish or community commitments… It’s a constant drone that makes it difficult to maintain our focus on the things that really matter. Our Church calendar is a great

A Christian Family…

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A Christian family is not one which is faultless... but one which counts on God for... practical needs and for grace. - Marilyn Rodrigues More from Marilyn Rodrigues: Faithful, Faulty Families God is Here: The Eucharist Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus The Daddy Difference  

A Year of Grace

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On Pentecost 2012 Australian Catholics begin a ‘Year of Grace’: a time for all to deepen our relationship with Jesus. In a courageous and humble statement, Australia’s bishops have committed themselves to a year-long journey of prayer and repentance. They will each direct their focus and energies on the person of Jesus, with particular emphasis

Family Unity

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Some of the most persistent and hateful disagreements happen between family members. Regardless of who started it or who behaved worse, reconciliation is the responsibility of everyone in the family. Whether you’re the one who has been hurt, the one who did the hurting, or someone who loves both the people locked in the dispute,

At Table with the Lord

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A family meal is more than just a feed. It’s a time when we, as family members of whatever age or state of life, deepen our love for each other. We eat together not just to nourish our bodies, but to nourish our relationship as a family. We ‘feed’ each other by spending time together,