Building Optimism

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Things go wrong. Disasters happen. We fail. We mess up. No matter our age or talent, we all face adversity from time to time. Learning to respond with optimism and self-mastery can be the difference between a productive, joy-filled life and one mired with hopelessness. A persistent pessimistic mind-set is also a risk factor

One Flesh Union

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It can be hard to get our heads around the amazing gift that Jesus made of himself by dying on the cross for our salvation. We are told that it was a personal sacrifice, that if we were the only one in need, he would have still gone through with it – his love for each of

Saint Paul

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Apostle to the Gentiles Passionate and fervent, St Paul is famous for his dramatic conversion recounted several times in the scriptures. As the story goes... Saul (his Semitic name) was a devout Jew and a Pharisee. Believing the fledgling group of Christians to be a dangerous cult, he set out to arrest the followers