2014 December

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From the Editor Advent is upon us! In this edition, our Christmas focus is Surprise Babies in honour of the ultimate surprise baby, Jesus. This month’s article features the testimony of Louise Elliott, one of our readers whose ‘surprise baby’ was born a week before Christmas in 2013. The article also shares some insights into


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As a child is born - so are grandparents The rise of Grandparenthood There was a time when grey hair was relatively rare. Many people simply died before they were old enough to be called ‘Grandfather’ or ‘Grandmother’; sometimes in childbirth, sometimes from disease or accident, sometimes in war. Currently, life expectancy in developed nations

My Ancestor Tree

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Celebrate the grandparents in your family with this simple craft project. It's as easy as downloading the template, printing it, and letting the kids attack it with colour-in implements! You could also use photos, collage materials, glitter, sequins, anything to make it that little bit more special. Download Template Here See also: Bedtime Blessing Peace

Grandparent Power

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Almost every grandparent thinks their grandchildren are pretty special. Grandparents are allowed to be biased – after all, every kid deserves a doting grandparent to counter the nuisance of stressed out, nagging parents. Grandparents enjoy a privileged relationship with their grandchildren. ‘All care, no responsibility’ is often cited as a license for fun… grandparents seem to relish the

The Renaissance of Marriage

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With the feast day of one of history’s most sainted couples occurring this month it’s an opportune time to affirm the contribution that marriage makes to our community. Marriage as a Resource When we in the Church think about marriage and family life, mostly we think in terms of supporting couples. We look primarily towards marriage and