A home is a school of love, where your children learn to put others, and ultimately God, first in their lives. What motivates you as a parent should motivate your children; children love what we love. But often our example and emotional example can undermine our best intentions. We fail to communicate the importance of what is good, true and beautiful. We can even fail to demonstrate the joy of a life of generous dedication to God and to others. In this session, we look at very practical ways to examine and improve our own example, particularly emotional example, in order to effectively motivate our children.

This was a talk from the Renaincesse of Marriage Conference 2016 by Dr. Andy Mullins.

Andy Mullins is an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Notre Dame Australia. He is past Headmaster of Redfield and Wollemi Colleges, in Sydney, and currently on the Board of Harkaway Hills College in Melbourne, all schools of the Parents for Education (PARED) Foundation. He is Director of Drummond Study Centre, Carlton, Victoria.

He collaborates with other academic entities, such as the Australian Defence Forces Academy in Canberra, the John Paul II Institute for the Family in Melbourne, and the Universidad International de Cataluña, based in Barcelona. He has given numerous lectures and seminars in Australia and overseas on parenting and character development, and recently was a keynote speaker at the International Federation of Family Development Biennial Conference in Mexico City and has just returned from parenting seminars across Canada at the invitation of a coalition of parenting groups.

He is the author of Parenting for Character: Equipping Your Child for Life, with editions in several languages. His doctoral studies focused on virtue development and neuroscience.