In the spirit of the Christmastide, here are twelve ways to communicate your devotion to your honey.

  1. Use a dry erase marker to leave a message on your bathroom mirror.
  2. Write a love note, roll it up and insert it into a balloon. Decorate the balloon with markers.
  3. Using a deck of cards (in order), write a 52 word message, one word to a card. Shuffle before presenting to your honey.
  4. Send a photo text message every day for a week with “I appreciate how you…”
  5. Write out the words of a love poem on a nice card, spray with your perfume or after shave and post it – old fashioned style!
  6. Leave mini notes in surprise places, like the tea pot, a coat pocket, the car dash, a coffee cup.
  7. Serenade your beloved with a romantic love song (lip synch if your singing is wobbly).
  8. Print a photograph of the two of you, write a love message on it, then cut it up like a jigsaw puzzle and send it to your honey.
  9. Set your phone alarm to remind you to say a daily prayer of thanks – then send a “I’m thinking about you” text message.
  10. Write your devotion in the sand on the beach or in chalk on the pavement.
  11. Make a phone video of you holding up a series of pages with a love message.
  12. Tattoo’ with a pen “I heart U” in a place only your beloved can find.

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