When deciding what stays and what goes you might want to consider the following:

  • Prayer and reflection. Does your family have a place for quiet, spiritually nourishing reading, watching or listening, or prayer? A comfortable chair or beanbag with a nice outlook near a prayer space, family altar or in a quiet corner is ideal.
  • Hospitality. Look at your kitchen, indoor and outdoor recreation areas. Are they inviting places for your family and visitors to spend time in? What works to help create conversation and togetherness and what doesn’t?
  • Atmosphere. Look at lighting, natural and artificial. Can you improve it somehow or make better use of the way light comes into your home?
  • Utility. Does your family have the clothing, equipment and other things needed? Are things in good working order and easy to find? Are all the areas safe?
  • Precious memories and legacies. We are uplifted by the sight of things that have special meaning to us such as family portraits, special artworks or trophies. Clear the clutter so these special objects have a chance to stand out and shine.