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This month is the second in our Sacrament Essentials series. The featured sacrament is Baptism and we have written this with a mind to provide a bit of theology and also practical and simple ways of doing it in every day life. After all, theology that does not move us to action is not much use at all!
A Baptism, especially of a new baby, is a wonderful time to welcome a new little one into the family, and to initiate the parents into a new phase of life. Whether you have kids or not as a Catholic we are responsible for the spritual growth of all our children. So without further ado… turn the page, maybe learn a thing or two and get inspired!

Kiara Pirola

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  1. Sister Estelita

    I would like to request if I could receive catechetical resources and sacramental resources that will be useful in my ministry for adults and children in the parish.
    Thank you and may God bless your ministry.

    • kiara


      Hi Sister! If you have a look around CathFamily we have a bunch of free handouts with many of our activities which you are free to use in your ministry. For anything related directly to Sacraments, just click on the ‘Sacrament Essentials’ Sub menu in the menu bar under ‘Articles’ We unfortunately don’t have any complied physical resources ourselves, but we do highly reccomend you check out Livingwell Media. They have a variety of resources that are suitable for general parish use and are especially kid-focused. They will happily mail samples to you so have a look:

  2. Patricia English

    I am an RE teacher and this is a useful resource. I would like for the Year 7s etc to be able to go into the site and do a homework for me. I am hoping that this will be able to be carried out, often children use not being able to access web pages as an excuse for not doing homework. But if they can, it is so colourful and clear. Thanks Patricia