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Sacrament Essentials : Reconciliation

What’s this Sacrament business all about? As human beings we communicate through our body; through our words, gestures, facial expressions, and actions. Communication is so foundational to human relationships that they wither when we don’t regularly make the effort to communicate. They also shatter when we use our words or gestures to hurt others. God
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Mum Likes ME best

Karin was at her wit’s end. Her two sons, James (12) and Eric (9) were constantly fighting, bickering and annoying one another. “I don’t understand why they have to be at each other all the time. It’s so exhausting having to referee everything between them. Eric gets mad that he isn’t allowed to do all
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Reconciliation: Parenting Points

The difference between ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘forgive me?’ Saying ‘sorry’ is different to asking for ‘forgiveness’. When we say sorry to someone, it is an ‘I-centred’ statement expressing sympathy, but not necessarily inferring that we take any responsibility. As such, it requires nothing from the person to whom we say it. It is always good
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