Australians are always looking for an excuse to roll out the festive foods that our Northern hemisphere brethren enjoy in their Winter season. Instead of ‘Christmas in July’, how about celebrating a MacKillop Thanksgiving? The Solemnity of St Mary of the Cross is the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends to give thanks for this wonderful woman.

We have put together a simple menu plan to get you started, however dig back into your family’s ethnic heritage for uniquely tasty winter dishes and go wild! Australia is a nation of migrants and a melting pot of cultures and traditions and St Mary of the Cross is no exception!


  • Roast Turkey Dinner
    A simple recipe can be found at, or if your up for a challenge, (and a delicious one at that!) try Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Turkey.
  • Aussie Damper
  • Plum pudding with Brandy Sauce. Try Best Recipes Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauce

Did you know?

Native Bush Turkeys, common on the Eastern areas of Australia, were a popular food source among Aboriginal Australians. During the Great Depression, the Bush Turkey population in Sydney collapsed as hungry families took advantage of these ground dwelling birds. Now protected, Bush Turkeys are once again a common sight in city gardens. I wonder if Mary and her sisters ever ate Bush Turkey?

Did you know?

Suffering from severe menstrual cramps, Mary was prescribed brandy by her doctor. This was later used against her, with claims that she was a drunk and unfit to lead her order. Make sure you eat your plum pudding with a generous serve of brandy sauce in Mary’s honor!

Mary Mack Damper:

Paint in milk or egg the Josephite symbol on your store bought or homemade damper, dust with flour and shake the excess off.

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