Use these inspiring quotes from St Mary of the Cross MacKillop to make a chatter-box to use with your family and friends!A chatterbox is an origami paper craft that is fun to fold and even more fun to use. Perched on top of two thumbs and two fingers. It requires only a single sheet of paper and a simple folding technique.


  • 21 cm (8 in) square sheet of paper
  • OR Free Template
  • Scissors

Download Template & Instructions


  1. Prepare your paper. Trim it with scissors to the correct size if necessary or cut out the template.
  2. Place the printed side paper face down, fold each corner into the center and point crease. Be sure not to overlap the flaps. Flip the paper over.
  3. Bring the four new corners into the center point and crease. Flip over again.
  4. Fold in half lengthwise with coloured squares on the outside and flatten. Fold in half widthwise and flatten.
  5. Place the thumb and pointer finger of each hand into the folds. Bring all the points together. You now have a chatterbox!

Quotable Quotes

“Be patient and work generously in the service of the Lord.”

“Do not let your troubles distrurb your trust in God.”

“Do what you can, with the means at your disposal, and leave all the rest calmly to God.”

“Help one another and forgive and forget anything painful in the past.”

“Find happiness in making others happy.”

“Never see a need without doing something about it.”

“Be ever ready for God’s will even when it takes you by surprise.”

“Like our patron St Joseph may we always seek to work for God.”

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