Angel Prayers


Angels are effective intercessors for us like the saints in heaven. Get spiritually in touch with the Archangels and guardian angels with these beautiful prayer cards.

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St Micheal the Archangel

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle;
be our defense against the wickedness and
snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and
you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the
power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all
other evil spirits who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.


Angel of God

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.


Angelic Assistance

Lord Almighty, Creator of all life,
Thank you for creating the angels.
As dedicated and faithful servants,
they instantly act on your commands.
Please direct your angels to assist
me, ensuring the accomplishment of
your work, in accordance with your
divine will.

Always rekindle my mind to remember
that your angels are available to me
as restrainers of diabolical obstacles.
Thank you Lord for your watchful eye!
Your kindness is infinitely good!

Prayer to the Archangels

Heavenly King,
You have given us archangels to assist us during
our pilgrimage on earth.

St Michael is our protector;
I ask him to come to my aid,
fight for all my loved ones,
and protect us from danger.

St Gabriel is a messenger of the Good News;
I ask him to help me clearly hear your voice and
teach me the truth.

St Raphael is the healing angel;
I ask him to take my need for healing and that of
everyone I know, I lift up to your throne of grace
and deliver back to us the gift of recovery.

Help us, O Lord, to realize more fully the reality of
the archangels and their desire to serve us.


This prayer ritual featured in the October 2013 edition of the CathFamily eMagazine. For more, check out:

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Kiara Pirola

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  1. Nana Kwame Asamoah on January 28, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    I love to learn more about the angle of the Most High God and their works

  2. Nana Kwame Asamoah on January 28, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    I love to learn more about the Angels and their works on the planets


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