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The Catholic Hospital

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Why do so many people feel excluded by the Church–especially those who are divorced and remarried–and what can we do about it? Missing the Mission It appears to me that a lot of the anger and pain experienced by people is caused by confusion about what Church is and what it’s meant to do. In

Are you getting the help you need?

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5 Ways Seeking Help Can Make Things Worse  " I read books that told me to love more and give more... but they just made things worse." Inspirational, quasi-advice type books written by well-meaning people who have gone through the normal ups and downs of married life are often of little use to couples struggling

2015 March

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Mum Likes ME Best! In this issue we have called in one of our parenting experts Dr Gregory Popcak to share some of his insights into the frustrating phenomenon of sibling rivalry and some simple ideas to help your family become a more peaceful, respectful and more harmonious. Let us know what you think in the

2014 November

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From the Editor Hello Dear Readers! This month we are taking on the painful subject of grief and loss. Our Christian Faith is a source of enormous hope and healing in the face of death. Death, paradoxically, is both an evil and yet it is only by dying that we are born into the eternal