About Susanne North

Susanne North is the family educator at St Margaret Mary's Primary School in Randwick. She has trained in Waldorf Early Childhood Education and has three school-age children. She is currently undertaking futher studies in Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Feeling COVID tired, our children are feeling too

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Are you feeling a bit COVID tired? I am. Our children are feeling it, too. Right now, the world is collectively grieving. Everyone is experiencing some kind of loss. A loss can relate to anything. A loss is defined as a loss of a particular connection to a place, person or object. For some of us,

Mindful Parenting

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When asking parents what they want most for their children, happiness tops the list. As parents, we would do anything to prevent them from disappointment, frustration, sadness and frustration. We want our children to be endlessly happy.  Yet, this is not what life will serve us. It’s challenging to really accept that everyone, including your child, will

The Sacredness in Simplicity

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Simple is sacred. In an over-performance culture, the greatest gift a parent can give is a sense of belonging and acceptance. Susanne North explores how the simple life supports this sacred mission. Connection is crucial In a world full of uncertainties, anxieties and an over-performance culture of never being good enough, the biggest gifts that

The World on a Forced Sabbatical

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It has taken a deadly, invisible and microscopic enemy to force the whole world to stop dead in its tracks. Susanne North explores the upside to the world-wide forced sabbatical. A forced sabbatical It became law, overnight, everywhere. It was weird at first. Then, slowly, an almost collective sigh as people were given the permission

Parenting – the Simple Way

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In a world full of uncertainties, anxieties and an over-performance culture of never being good enough, the biggest gifts that parents can give to children is a true sense of belonging, hope, courage to dare greatly and the notion that they are ok the way they are. It is our responsibility to teach them the

Three ways to be a simplicity parent

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 Less is more This applies to nearly everything in our children’s environment - their toys, clothes, choices, experiences, gadgets and sensory stimuli. De-cluttering the environment and limiting children’s many choices is very powerful. The less complexity we provide; the more attentive and creative they become, and the fewer battles we have to fight as parents.

2015 July

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During the writing of this month’s CathFamily, Pope Francis’ much anticipated encyclical Laudato Si was released. The Pope issues us with a challenge: to answer the call to be more attuned to the natural world. For many of us, this means challenging the consumer lifestyle which leads to more clutter and more stress. Our featured