Couples often notice when arguments arise they are typically the same arguments that have occurred before, just set on repeat! Why is that?
Conflict and hurt feelings are normal aspects of married life but what isn’t normal, or at least need not be so, is remaining gridlocked in stale and unhelpful patterns of relating. And there is a lot that can be done even by just one of the spouses if he or she is able to understand the dynamic of their relationship and the emotional needs that are driving their arguments, so that they can resolve their internal distress. Then, they are in a better space to address the relationship conflicts with confidence and calm.
SmartLoving BreakThrough Online is a three-hour workshop run by the Marriage Resource Centre for people needing intervention to break through a cycle of negativity in their marriage. It’s also effective for people in stable marriages who feel disconnected from their spouse and feel frustrated and uncertain about how to improve things.

The workshops are based on current research and Catholic theology and focus on skills-building. Participants may attend with their spouse or alone. Feedback has been extremely positive. One participant is grateful for the “structured approach to deal with conflict and move to a more positive relationship” with his wife. “We were definitely in gridlock before coming here but I now have some new skills and feel positive and peaceful.”

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