Attention: the Currency of Relationships

By Dr Justin Coulson | February 20, 2014

“Just as dollars are the currency of our economy, attention is the currency of our relationships.” -Dr Justin Coulson   For more, check out: Emotional…

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What Dads Do

By Dr Justin Coulson | February 18, 2014

Father’s Day is nearly here! In Australia it is anyway. For many children – and lots of dads – this is a day of celebration.…

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On a Mission from God

By Kiara Pirola | October 15, 2013

A vocation is not ‘a job’. it is a life commitment to a person (in marriage) or a people (in priesthood or religious life). It…

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By Kiara Pirola | July 5, 2013

As a child is born – so are grandparents The rise of Grandparenthood There was a time when grey hair was relatively rare. Many people…

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Overscheduled Kids

By Francine Pirola | June 26, 2013

In a fast-paced culture driven by the need to have it all, many kids are growing up without the joy of authentic leisure. In a…

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Too Controlling

By Dr Justin Coulson | June 21, 2013

Being too controlling of our kids is bad for their development. They don’t become responsible. They simply want to be controlled. – Dr Justin Coulson.…

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Being Needed is Not Love

By Francine Pirola | June 18, 2013

“When we mistake being needed with love, we make people dependent on us”. Fr Emmerich Vogt was speaking in his series, The Spirituality of the…

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Teaching Self-Control

By Dr Justin Coulson | June 17, 2013

  Teaching children self-control requires a delicate balance, an ability to guide rather than direct and lots of encouragement. – Dr Justin Coulson. More from…

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Quality Time & Quantity Time

By Francine Pirola | June 8, 2013

It’s just not possible to jump into a ‘quality’ conversation without first having lots of leisurely ‘quantity’ time.

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Boredom & Creativity

By Francine Pirola | June 1, 2013

“Boredom is the crucible of the imagination. It creates space in a busy mind for creativity to be explored and expressed.” – Francine Pirola

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By Kiara Pirola | May 24, 2013

There is a primal comfort that comes with fire and candlelight. There is also something truly mesmerising about fire, the flickering flames form intricate, beautiful…

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Tough Love

By Dr Justin Coulson | May 7, 2013

 A parenting special by Dr Justin Coulson. Self-control is the ability to say “no” when you really want to say “yes”, or to say “yes” when…

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