There is a primal comfort that comes with fire and candlelight. There is also something truly mesmerising about fire, the flickering flames form intricate, beautiful shapes that are gone as quickly as they come. The crackling sound of good, dry firewood and the calming heat radiating from the fire provides light and warmth, a gathering point and a cooking aid.

Is it any wonder the Holy Spirit is manifested as fire?

It’s always a good time for your family to discover the joys of fire, whether it’s curled up with a blanket, candelight and CathFamily’s Chili Hot Chocolates or relaxing outside around a fire pit. Check out our tips for bringing the fire of the Spirit to your family gatherings.

Family Fire Pit

candlesgroupCathFamily’s Top Fire Tips…

  • Purchase a brazier or fire pit from your local hardware store or build your own with cement blocks or bricks. Create a safe area where you can sit around your fire soaking up the atmosphere and conversation. Check out our Boredom Busters board on Pinterest for some cool firepits we found…
  • Tight for space or renting? Repurpose an old steel bucket, cooking pot or portable coal/wood BBQ – make sure your fire can get sufficient oxygen by drilling a few holes at the base.
  • No backyard for a fire pit? Take your fire indoors or to the table with a fireproof bowl filled with sand soaked in methylated spirits (metho fires burn much cooler and don’t make smoke). Alternatively, mass together a number of candles of different sizes and shapes for a blaze on a budget.

For some fun conversation starters with free printables, see ‘Table Talk

Over to you! Is fire-side chats a part of your family life? Have any funny stories about budding pyromaniacs? Any good suggestions for fire-side treats or traditions? Let us know in the comments!

This article featured in the May 2013 edition of the CathFamily eMagazine.

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Kiara Pirola

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