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Designed to assist parents and catechists in exploring the scriptures with children aged 5-12. Each week, unpacks the Sunday Mass readings.

Contents include:

Home Page – The story so far provides a context for the reading. Listing of Material for the activity, usually just common material readily available in any classroom or home. (occasional printable downloads)

The Word – Short animated video featuring one of the Sunday readings (usually the Gospel)

Look Closer – Micro Homily that draws out the central theme.

Ponder – “I wonder” questions to encourage deeper exploration. Consider this audio files provide additional commentary.

Respond – An activity based on the theme designed to inspire a practical application of the central theme.

Pray – Simple prayer service to conclude the reflection and encourage a sense of dialogue with God.

Cath FAQ’s – Interesting facts about Catholic history and culture.

Animated videos available FREE on the CathFamily youtube channel


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