Welcome to CathKids

CathKids is weekly interactive experience with a short animated video on the Sunday reading, questions to stimulate discussion, a simple activity and prayer. It’s perfect for use in the classroom, in children’s liturgy and at home. Can be used in groups facilitated by an adult or in self-directed exploration by children aged 7-12. 

Contents include:

  • Home Page – The story so far provides a context for the reading. Listing of Material for the activity, usually just common material readily available in any classroom or home. (occasional printable downloads)

  • The Word – Short animated video featuring one of the Sunday readings (usually the Gospel)

  • Look Closer – Micro Homily that draws out the central theme.

  • Ponder – “I wonder” questions to encourage deeper exploration. Consider this audio files provide additional commentary.

  • Respond – An activity based on the theme designed to inspire a practical application of the central theme.

  • Pray – Simple prayer service to conclude the reflection and encourage a sense of dialogue with God.

  • Cath FAQ’s – Interesting facts about Catholic history and culture.

  • Animated videos available FREE on the CathFamily youtube channel


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CathKids FAQ’s

We know – a resource like CathKids should cost a LOT more, but it’s only $1.25 a week!! What can you get for a lousy buck these days?

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The mind boggles on where you might be thinking to use CathKids…

Antarctica? (Not many people there)

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Your doomsday bunker? (Err…you’ve got more important things to worry about).

Sadly, if any of these scenarios is your life, CathKids ain’t gonna cut it. CathKids is only available as a live-stream service so you will need internet access to use it. It’s still pretty awesome though!

We get it: sharing is caring but in this case…

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Good memory!

We first created CathKids in 2014 as a subscription service. Although we had several hundred subscribers, it just wasn’t enough for us to continue it past that first year (Cycle A).

Then, in 2017 we posted it free to our website rather than see it wasted on our servers unused. Gazillions of people signed up to our free newsletter so that they could get CathKids, but there was no money coming in, so in 2018 it stopped because we don’t have those Sundays made.

We’d really like to build the remaining Sundays (Cycle B and C) and make CathKids for every Sunday of all three cycles but we need to be able fund it.

By subscribing, you’re helping us to do this. You can help by telling your friends and colleagues about CathKids and by leaving us a review in the comments.

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We’re still here for you. We’re passionate about the mission, so we’ve made the scripture videos available on the  CathFamily YouTube channel. It’s not the full interactive experience, just the animated scripture videos (approx 1-2 mins).

Make sure you subscribe to CathFamily and you’ll get the links each week (FREE): here.

If you are from a disadvantaged school or parish, and would like to get the full interactive version but the budget just won’t stretch that far, please contact us at [email protected]

We like to think that the Holy Spirit has a good deal to do with it.

Other than that, we rely on people like you to share ideas and spread the word.

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