Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft project. It is a fantastic way to teach kids about the Eucharist and makes a lovely addition to your family prayer space. Kids and chemicals don’t mix, so this is definitely a supervised craft project. Bleach and clothing don’t mix either so make sure everyone is kitted out in aprons and rubber gloves.


  • Cotton fabric in a dark colour, eg. Navy, red, black, brown, dark green, purple,
  • Bleach 100ml
  • Water 100ml
  • Spray bottle
  • Light cardboard
  • Template
  • Scissors, pencil, sticky-tac
Download Template


  1. Safety first: Aprons and rubber gloves are recommended. Safety glasses wouldn’t hurt either. Protect the surface you’re working on with news paper or a plastic garbage bag.
  2. Draw or trace the Eucharist template on to the cardboard. Cut out and position on banner to create your desired layout, fasten down with blu-tack as a temporary stablilizer.
  3. Mix the bleach and water in the spray bottle. Lightly spray the fabric from 30 cm. Avoid contact with clothes.
  4. Remove the template and allow to dry flat.
  5. Hang your banner over your prayer space.


As featured in the June 2011 edition of CathFamily eMagazine. For more articles, activities and prayers check out: