Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft activity. Younger kids might need help with the cutting part but are free to go nuts with colour and materials in the taping part. Place it on a north-facing window for maximum amount of light during the day.


  • A4 Black Cardboard.
  • Cellophane or tissue paper in various colours.
  • Scissors, trimming knife, pencil, tape.
  • Template .
Download Template


  1. Draw or trace the reverse template onto the back side of the cardboard.
  2. Carefully cut the shapes out using scissors and/or knife.
  3. Cut the cellophane/tissue paper to fit and attach to the rear of the cardboard with sticky tape.
  4. Mount on a window or mirror.


As featured in the June 2011 edition of CathFamily eMagazine. For more articles, activities and prayers check out: