This Father’s Day, give your Dad something extra special. Featured in the September 2011 edition of the CathFamily E-Magazine

Business Card Mini Photo Album


  • Three business cards (they could be your Dad’s, or get a card that is blank on the reverse side.)
  • A4 heavy weight paper (eg 120gsm)
  • Scissors
  • Pens, markers, photos
  • Glue
  • Ruler, Pencil
  • String or thick Cotton thread 30cm (1 ft)
  • Stapler



  1. Cut a strip from the paper that is a few millimeters narrower than the length of your business cards.
  2. Fan-fold the paper so that it fits neatly within the width of the business card. Trim the leftovers from the end. Glue two cards to the ends of the paper.
  3. Cut a circle from the third card, approximately 12mm in diameter. This will be your button clasp.
  4. Loop the string at one end, position it on the front business card (make sure that it is on the long side of the card, on the side that has the raw edge of the concertina book) and staple.
  5. Place your button on top and staple through the button, string, cover. Your string should wrap around the back, round the front and wind 2-3 times around your button.  Trim off excess.
  6. Decorate your booklet with photos and messages.


Print-friendly download available Here.