On the Thursday of Holy Week, we commemorate the Last Supper.  Enhance your family’s Last Supper table or prayer space with a decorated table mat.


  • 1 linen table napkin or piece of material.
  • 1 Template or create your own design.
  • Coloured permanent markers.


  1. Iron the napkin to remove any wrinkles and spread it out with some blotting paper underneath.
  2. Trace or copy the template onto the napkin.
  3. Colour and decorate with the coloured permanent markers.
  4. Use your table mat in your prayer space or in your Last Supper Meal.





The Twelve Disciples | The Twelve Tribes of Israel



Multitude of Believers




Chalice | The Seder Cup




The Unleavened Bread


Download Template Here


  • Cut the shapes out of felt and other fabric scraps and glue or sew them on.
  • Get some raw canvas and paint the design on with acrylics or use another kind of fabric with fabric paint.
  • Fabric is too much trouble? Get a good piece of cardstock and use scrapbooking paper.
  • Why not try a collage? Incorporate photos of your family into the border and find images of the disciples and Jesus from famous artworks and glue them in place.
  • Add some sparkle with glitter, sequins and jewels.
  • For a more permanent design, consider embroidering or quilting the design. You can use it year after year and it can even become a family heirloom.
  • For something more solid, pick up some cork or get an MDF placemat from the craft store and decorate it. Make sure to varnish it afterwards.

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