The kids in our street love Halloween, but we don’t really go for the ghoulish costumes and greedy demands for sweets. It is however quite a community event – the only time of the year when we get to meet many of our neighbours.

If your children are participating, take care to avoid the pagan and occult overtones by censoring what they wear and re-orientating the focus of decorations and treats. Here are five ways to celebrate the event as a ‘Night of Light’ rather than one of mischief and darkness.

  1. Light Up. Light up the front of your home with candles, Christmas tree lights and glow sticks. For something different make some fairy dust – combine glitter and the contents of a glow stick in a clean jar. Seal and shake – instant fairy dust!
  2. No Rotten Teeth allowed. Instead of giving trick-or-treaters lollies, give them a glow stick or other inexpensive party favour.
  3. Christ-o-lanterns. Instead of evil grins, carve crosses or hearts into your pumpkin. You can also substitute the pumpkin for a watermelon (cheaper), and use the watermelon balls as a fruit treat for your trick-or-treaters.
  4. Dressed to Inspire. Avoid the witches and ghosts, dress as one of the saints. There are pirates, princesses, angels, dragon slayers, kings, animal lovers, Indians, and more among our Heavenly family.
  5. Teachable Moments. Use the opportunity to spread Christ’s message of joy and salvation – talk to your trick-or-treaters about the Christian meaning of Halloween (literally, the eve of All Saints (Holies) Day), send messages of good cheer to your neighbours with homemade Scripture cards with passages about light.

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