This is a very simple, but powerful reflection for the feast of  Christ the King.


  • Armchair
  • King’s Crown
  • King’s Robe
  • Side table, table cloth
  • Candles, matches


  • Select a suitable hymn or song with a kingly theme. Download the music/lyrics from the web. Eg. “Majesty, Worship his Majesty.”


  1. Begin by having one or two people bring the arm chair into the sacred space and set it down.
  2. Bring the robe and drape it over the chair with the fringe to the front.
  3. Bring the side table and table cloth and set it next to the throne.
  4. Bring the candles and light them.
  5. Finally, bring the crown and place it on the seat of the throne.
  6. Say the Litany of Praise together.

This Liturgy is featured in the November 2011 edition of the CathFamily eMagazine.