A family is made up of different members, who each have their own unique gifts and interests.

Design a special crest for your family. You could include your parents, brothers and sisters, or grandparents and pets too. Think about what makes each member unique and special and choose a symbol and colour to represent each person.

What are your special gifts and talents? Perhaps you are gentle, good at sports or a bit of an explorer.


  • Family Crest Template. Download Here.
  • Textas, pencils and other colouring materials.


  1. Choose your template and divide it up into sections, one for each member of your family.
  2. Think about what symbol and colour to put in each section. Think about that person, and what makes them unique. Your symbol cloud represent them, their hobbies or their favourite thing.
  3. Draw in the symbol and decorate it.



Red: Blood, sacrifice
Green: New life, spring
Gold: Glory, joy
Blue: Peace
Purple: Royalty
Brown: Earth
Orange: Fire
White: Purity


Heart: Love
Flower: Kindness
Book: Story-telling
Smiley: Humor
Music note: Song, musical
Ball: Sport
Mask: Drama
Lamb: Gentleness
Dandelion: Hope
Butterfly: Change, transformation
Lion: Courage
Leopard: Speed
Dog: Loyalty
Dove: Peace, Holy Spirit
Candle: Light, faith
Cross: Jesus
Rainbow: Promise
Flag: Patriotism, identity
Tree: Endurance
Rock: Stability
Rose: Romance
Daisy: Cheerfulness
Shield: Protective
Circle: Unity, eternity
Triangle: Trinity
Square: Strength
Shamrock: Luck
Balloon: Celebration
Star: Explorer
Compass: Adventurer