When Jesus promises peace, it is truly a great gift. No matter what challenges life brings us, we can pay for the peace of Christ to fill our hearts.


  • Prayer Space
  • Candle
  • Peace Tree and doves.
  • Quiet music (optional)

Peace of Christ

[Light a candle and make the Sign of the Cross]

Lord Jesus,
You are the Prince of Peace,
We bring these worries and concerns of ours to you…

[One at a time, place your dove on the Peace Tree. Play some quiet music]

[In silence, everyone close their eyes and sit quietly, meditating on Peace and letting go of worries. You can make it as long or as short as you like, depending on the ages present]

Say together:

Lord Jesus,
you give us peace,
a peace the world cannot give.
May our hearts rest in your peace.


[Make the Sign of the Cross]