When Jesus promises peace, it is truly a great gift. No matter what challenges life brings us, we can pay for the peace of Christ to fill our hearts.


  • Template
  • Photocopier (optional)
  • Prayer Space
  • Sticky-tack & sticky tape
  • Pens/colouring materials

Download Template Here


  1. Print out the template, with one dove per child.
  2. Enlarge the tree with a photocopier to 200% or 300% (It will cover several A4 sheets)
  3. Assemble the tree and decorate it.
  4. Cut out the doves, decorate and write a prayer for peace.
  5. Hang the tree over your prayer space with sticky-tack and prepare the doves to be tacked on the tree during Prayer time.

Author: Francine Pirola

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