Catholic Mindfulness with Dr Gregory Bottaro

Mindfulness aims to ‘fill the mind’ with a focussed awareness and is proven to be very effective in managing anxiety. Catholic Mindfulness grounds this practice in prayer and invites the active engagement of God in the process.
The Sacramental Pause was designed by Dr Gregory Bottaro as a daily mindfulness practice that helps us to connect to God present in the world, and in our bodies. A sacrament according to St Pope John Paul II, ‘makes visible the invisible reality of God’. Thus, the Sacramental Pause aims to enhance our awareness of the sacramental presence of God in our life through the ordinary encounter with everyday reality.

Sacramental Pause

  1. Presence: With your eyes closed and sitting or standing straight with both feet grounded, pray: Ever present God, here with me now, help me to be here with you. (x3)
  2. Scan: Become attuned to everything that is around you; sounds, smells, temperature, the feel of your clothing etc. Scan your body from toes to head; notice your posture, muscle tension, aches etc. Scan your emotions and thoughts; notice and acknowledge any feelings or thoughts and allow them to pass through your mind.
  3. Focus: Narrow your focus to your breath. Become aware of the sensation of breathing, of the air moving in and out through your lungs, throat, mouth and nose, of your diaphragm and ribs moving. With your next breath, breathe into your whole body, expanding your focus to incorporate your entire body – one point in the universe with infinite dignity.
  4. Return: When ready, finish with the prayer:
    Ever present God, here with me now, help me to be here with you. (x3)

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Watch Sacramental Pause video. This video was recorded at the Catholic Mindfulness Workshop brought to you by the Marriage Resource Centre Australia