By Francine & Byron Pirola

A funny thing happens as relationships travel along.
At the beginning, the other person is such a novelty that we barely need other activities to keep us entertained and engaged. A simple picnic or a movie at home is the excuse to just waste time in each other’s presence.
Before long, we start to look for more complex and stimulating activities to share. Fancy dinners make the picnic seem so pedestrian; extreme adventures displace the movie at home compelling us to upgrade the TV and install a home cinema.

Over time, our relationship space becomes crowded with bigger expectations and more stuff. The focus becomes what we’re doing, rather than the other person.

The principles of the Simplicity Parenting movement can also be applied to our marriages. Here are a few ideas to reclaim the purity of our romance.

Three ways to be Simply Romantic

  1. Simple is the new black
    Don’t get distracted by thinking that one grand gesture can substitute for the simple daily stuff. Ten minutes a day in intimate conversation delivers more benefit than the annual weekend retreat in a flashy hotel.
  2.  Get the Rhythm
    In a busy family, things that are not diarised or established as routines get sidelined. Make a habit of setting aside time to be together and link it to a regular time mark. Eg, after dinner, we go for a walk to debrief on the day.
  3.  Au Naturel
    There’s something about the natural world that connects us with the basics of being a man and woman in love. Make opportunities to just be in nature – sit in the sun to share your breakfast, do a bush walk, marvel together at the stars.