St Nicolas is usually depicted in crimson or deep purple bishop robes (not the bright red of commercial Santas). The European tradition of hanging stockings by the fire and serving oranges comes from the story of the three sisters which is sometimes told with gold balls (represented as oranges) instead of bags of gold. Common symbols for St Nicolas include the bishop’s crozier (shepherd’s hooked staff) and miter (pointy hat), a book (symbolising the scriptures), shoes, ship or anchor (from the story of calming the seas) and candy canes (crozier).


  • Glass jar with straight sides or empty tin can
  • Red/deep crimson paper or fabric
  • Paper or light cardboard
  • Gold or white satin ribbon
  • Colouring pens, scissors, glue.


  1. Cut the crimson paper to cover the outer side of the glass or can. Glue the paper/fabric in place.
  2. Use the template  of St Nic’s miter and crozier to create a patterned band the length of the glass/can’s circumference. Colour and fix in place.  Arrange the ribbons. Fix in place with glue.
  3. Place your candy canes inside and say the blessing from this post. Enjoy!
Download Template Here

For More info on St Nicholas, his life and the traditions of his feast day from around the world, check out this article.

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