This little family prayer ritual is a perfect way to celebrate St Nicholas’ feast day on the 6th of December. For more information on St Nicholas and the many traditions of his feast day, see this article. This prayer compliments the CathFamily St Nic Candy Cane Holder Activity.


  • St Nic’s Candy Cane Holder(Click Here) OR a picture of Icon of St Nicholas
  • Candle, matches


Light your Prayer Space Candle.

Make the Sign of the Cross.

Place your St Nic’s Candy Cane Holder or image of St Nicholas in your prayer space and say the following prayer together:

Come, kind-hearted saint.
Come, holy man of God.
Come, St Nicolas, come.
Lead us in patient preparation
for the great feast of Christmas.

We rejoice in your example of generosity.
May we also be generous of heart,
reaching out to those
who are in need during this season.

Lord, bless these candy canes,
symbols of the bishop’s crozier and
a sign of his protective care.

May they be a reminder of your goodness
and the protection you give all your children.
May their cheerful colours brighten our hearts.
May their sweetness remind us
of the sweetness of your love.

And may you bless each person here.

Instil in us an urgent anticipation
of your renewal of the world
and lead us to deeper love.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Finish with the Sign of the Cross.

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