From Woes to O’s!

By Isabella Garcia | December 14, 2023

In the week before Christmas, a lesser-known Catholic tradition begins – the ‘O Antiphons’. Sometimes called the ‘Great Advent Antiphons’, they are recited during Vespers…

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CathKids Easter Sunday, Year A

By CathKids | March 31, 2023

The story so far… Jesus has died and has been laid in a tomb. His disciples are confused and sad. They do not know what…

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Praise Flags

By Francine Pirola | February 14, 2015

It is good to praise God! When we praise someone, we reflect back to them their own goodness to them and we also can be aware for…

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Mardi Gras Prayer

By Francine Pirola | February 10, 2015

As the last day before Lent, traditionally this day is one of celebration and festivity. The words ‘Mardi Gras’ translate as ‘Fat Tuesday’. It was…

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Lord of Joy

By Francine Pirola | June 18, 2012

Easter is not just a weekend, it’s a whole season! It begins on Easter Sunday and runs through to Pentecost, seven weeks in duration. The colour…

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