Take back your Family in Three Steps

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When I suggest to parents that they need to carve out regular time each day as a family to work together, play together, talk with each other and pray together, it is met with an almost existential level of angst.  “How are we supposed to find time to do all that!?” Catholic families have swallowed

Being Prolife

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Stories of Life “Four weeks into marriage we found out Liesel was pregnant with our first child. I can still remember having that “Oh Crap” feeling & sitting down at the table in our little house thinking “I’m not sure if I am ready for this”, even though I was 30, I still wanted to

Light it up!

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The kids in our street love Halloween, but we don’t really go for the ghoulish costumes and greedy demands for sweets. It is however quite a community event – the only time of the year when we get to meet many of our neighbours. If your children are participating, take care to avoid the pagan


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Prayer is powerful. At the Pray2010 Conference in Brisbane Australia, over 2000 people gathered to learn more about our wonderful prayer heritage. Guest speakers from the world over lead the delegates in prayer that reflected the extraordinary diversity of prayer forms available in the Christian faith. The conference focused on four key dimensions or actions of prayer: