Quality Time & Quantity Time

By Francine Pirola | June 8, 2013

It’s just not possible to jump into a ‘quality’ conversation without first having lots of leisurely ‘quantity’ time.

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God is Here: The Eucharist

By Marilyn Rodrigues | August 7, 2012

Do we live our belief that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, present in our churches each day? The feast of Corpus Christi gives us…

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At Table with the Lord

By Francine Pirola | August 7, 2012

A family meal is more than just a feed. It’s a time when we, as family members of whatever age or state of life, deepen…

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Family Meals Matter!

By Kiara Pirola | August 7, 2012

Studies show that family meals deliver a host of benefits to both children and parents. Most of these benefits are independent of ethnic background, socio-economic…

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Corpus Christi Stained ‘Glass’ Window

By Francine Pirola | July 9, 2012

Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft activity. Younger kids might need help with the cutting part but are free to go…

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